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Townes Van Zandt on Pancho & Lefty

“I wrote this song about two Mexican bandits I saw on the TV two weeks after I wrote this song.” – Townes Van Zandt, about the song Pancho & Lefty.


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Songwriting advice from Jason Isbell…

“I just take a lot of notes, whether it be on my phone, laptop or actually written down in a notebook. I’ll revisit those when I get time to sit and write. I try to be really observant and play close attention, because people say things that are really poignant all the time. Most of it just slips in one ear and out the other.

“If you learn to focus on those things and pay attention to the world around you in a different way, the inspiration is always there. Then it just takes a lot of work really. Some songs come quicker than others, but most of them I’ll spend a lot of time on just to make sure I’m saying exactly what I want to say and there’s no dead weight; any floral language that doesn’t really serve a purpose. And clichés; that’s the first thing I do when I’m editing, try to find clichés. If I’m not using them in an original way then I won’t use them at all.”

How Take it Easy was written…

Launched a new band: the LoFi Decibels

Featuring all original songs in the Americana genre, the LoFi Decibels provide songs that are introspective with an emphasis on story telling and whiskey.

You can watch a video of several of our songs here

Eric Church on songwriting