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Launched a new band: the LoFi Decibels

Featuring all original songs in the Americana genre, the LoFi Decibels provide songs that are introspective with an emphasis on story telling and whiskey.

You can watch a video of several of our songs here


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New section added: songwriting quotes

A good quote can be quite insightful, revealing, inspiring, etc… so I created a new section on the site called quotes… check it out!

Songwriter Interviews

I am very excited to announce that several songwriters for whom I have a ton of respect have agreed to be interviewed. I will be adding the transcripts to the site as soon as I have them in my possession.

I really look forward to reading what they have to say about their craft, what their song writing processes are, how they fight writer’s block, etc.

The interviews will also feature videos and/or sound recordings of their songs so as to illustrate their answers.

I am fortunate to personally know some fabulous songwriters but I am always open to suggestions if you have them, so don’t be shy and email me at mojo at mojocaster dot com.

The email should be formatted as follows:

1. the subject line should be “Songwriter Interview Suggestion”
2. The body of the email should include the name of the songwriter, if appropriate the band name, a link to their URL and the reason why you feel they shoud be interviewed.



Songwriting is a fabulous way to blow off some steam, to deal with issues in your life, or to just tell a story. Whatever your inspiration may be, writing songs and sharing them is fun, cathartic experience that opens up new horizons every time you pick up a pen.

So I hope that you will enjoy this site and the resources it will provide, and that you will write songs that make you happier. I also hope that you will share them with us!