1. Why this site?
I want to promote songwriting and songwriters. I believe that songwriting is a very healthy hobby that promotes happiness, communication, creativity, etc…

2. Is this site free?
Yes, most if not all my sites are free. The idea is to make music available to as many people as I can.

3. Can everybody be a songwriter?
Yup, pretty much! All it takes is the decision to write a song.

4. Who are you to run this site?
You’ll never hear me say that I’m a good songwriter – and that’s not the point here at all. You will hear me say however that I love writing songs, and that doing so has helped me deal with hard times and enjoy the memory of happy times. I’m no guru, and I don’t pretend to be one. I’m just a guy who loves songs…

5. What do I need to write songs?
Technically, nothing. Although the following may help:
Paper, pencil, a computer w/ a word processor, a musical instrument (guitar, piano, ukulele, etc…), a dictionary of synonyms, a rhyming dictionary… more than anything? The courage to be creative and to have fun.

6. I’d like to make a donation to the site
Well, that’s mighty kind of you! How about hitting the CDs page and buying one of my CDs? That way you support me and this site, and you get something more in return.

7. How can I contact you?
You can email me at mojo at mojocaster.com

8. Are you the guy from ThreeChordGuitar.com and LearnTheUkulele.com?
I sure am! Thanks for noticing 🙂

9. How can I help?
You can help in many ways:
a. By spreading the word about the site
b. By helping beginner songwriters in your community
c. By supporting your local music scene
d. By suggesting songwriters to interview
e. By suggesting new songwriting exercises

10. Why is this a fake question?
Because I really wanted to get to 10, you know?

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