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Song masterpiece of the day: Goodbye, Steve Earle

Steve Earle belongs in the same conversation as his hero, Townes Van Zant, for the quality and quantity of incredible songs he’s written over the years.

This is the first song written for Steve Earle that really touched me and captivated me, and I play it live regularly.

In this video, he is joined by the ever-wonderful Emmylou Harris.

Song masterpiece of the day: In the arms of a woman, Amos Lee

Some songs are so simple, yet so perfect. And this is one of them. There is such a vulnerability in this song, both in the words and in the vibe created by Amos’ voice and phrasing… enjoy.

Song Masterpiece of the day: Hallelujah, L. Cohen, by k.d. lang

This live version of the Leonard Cohen classic, Hallelujah, is my favorite. There is something in k.d.’s power & phrasing that shakes me to the core.

Song masterpiece of the day: In Color, Jamey Johnson

You know anything about me, you know what a huge Jamey Johnson fan I am. And this particular song has always been one of my favorite. It is so evocative, so descriptive that I can’t help but be touched by it. Enjoy.

Song Masterpiece of the day: Sweet Mental Revenge, Waylon Jennings

The Hoss singing a Mel Tillis song that doesn’t get as much air play as some of his most famous songs, but this is a great song nonetheless. And look at how young Waylon looks in that video!

Song Masterpiece of the Day: Dublin Blues, Guy Clark

Guy Clark, in the rich tradition of incredible Texas songwriters is responsible for more beautiful songs than I can count. Dublin Blues is one of my favorites of his, especially with the wonderful Emmylou Harris joining Mr. Clark in this live rendition. Enjoy!

Song Masterpiece of the Day: Hello in there, John Prine

The Song Masterpiece of the day today is Hello in There by the great John Prine. It’s my personal favorite song of his, and there is some stiff competition!

Please buy John Prine’s CDs, go see him live, and talk to others about his criminally under-known songwriter.