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Jimmy Buffett quote on songwriting…

“Songwriters write songs, but they really belong to the listener.”
Jimmy Buffett Podcast: episode 7 is up!

Ever wrote a song, but it didn’t end up being the song you thought you were writing? Just happened to me again… so I figured I’d use that premise to shoot a new episode of the podcast 🙂 Podcast: Episode 6

Ever wrote a song and felt remarkably BORED as you were writing it? Asking yourself, good grief, how many times am I gonna write THIS song? Well, it happened to me, so I stopped and tried to ascertain why I was feeling that way.

I made a list of five things I could do to change it around, and then I wrote a new song…

I share those concepts and the new song in this episode of the podcast.

A fantastic quote on revenge by John Prine…

“Revenge is a really good songwriting weapon.” — John Prine Podcast: episode 5

Oh look! The fifth installment of our podcast is live. The topic, this time? I share my Mt. Rushmore of songwriters, and I hope that you will comment and share yours! Podcast – Episode 4

In this episode, I take apart one of my own songs, and I show you, from sharing the personal anecdote that lead to the decision to write the song, how the general tone of the song was selected, and why some specific word/line choices were made…

Paul Simon talks about writing Bridge over troubled water Podcast – Episode 3 uploaded!

In this episode, we talk about song structure and we take some examples… Podcast – Episode 2

In this episode, I share a song I wrote for the LoFi Decibels band and I take it apart verse by verse to show how it was written. Please subscribe and share!

Jason Isbell on songwriting