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Townes Van Zandt on Pancho & Lefty

“I wrote this song about two Mexican bandits I saw on the TV two weeks after I wrote this song.” – Townes Van Zandt, about the song Pancho & Lefty.

Song masterpiece of the day: If I needed you, Townes Van Zandt

This song means a lot to me for many reasons. First, it was written by Townes. In a dream. He dreamt that he was a songwriter/folk singer one night, and that’s the song he wrote in his dream.

Secondly, it’s a song I play live, but only with my good buddy Mark, who sings harmony with me on it. He does it so beautifully, it’s a gift he gives me every time we do it.


And just because I love this version of the song by Emmylou Harris & Steve Earle, here it is: