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Exercise: in the style of Jack Johnson

Imagine that Jack Johnson commissioned you to write his next song.

If you are not familiar with Jack Johnson’s music, listen to it here.

While I won’t discourage you to use the instrument you usually use to write, you may want to dust off that ukulele!

Real Love – original song

Sure it’s real love… in a demented way! Now that was a fun – and silly – song to write. Written & recorded on a Lanikai CK-B koa baritone ukulele 🙂

Show me the way
To make you wanna stay
I live for the day
You no longer want to get away

But until then I’ll keep you here
All tied up in the basement… my dear

Show me the love
So you can live one floor above
These latex gloves
Are not what my dreams are made of

But until then I’ll keep you here
All tied up in the basement… my dear

I’m your creepy lover guy
You know you’ll love me till you die
I see it in your big black eye
So come on baby won’t you try?

A Friend – original song

Just a little ditty I wrote and recorded with a Lanikai LU-21BE ukulele during my lunch time…

I never met my father
he was a famous man I’m told
He took his life farther
Cuz he never knew how to fold

My mama told me son
The nights they can be cold
When it’s all said and done
Lonely sure gets old

Find yourself a friend
someone to hold your hand
Who will love you till the end
Find yourself a friend

I found me a kind soul
Compassionate and sweet
She was dancing on a pole
Where people should never meet

I bought her a glass of wine
She whispered in my ear
I knew she was mine
I knew she was sincere

One day she said to me
And baby makes three

Original song: Me… in Tahiti